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BobaCat (PSPS) is a cryptocurrency token created as an homage to Boba Cat, the adopted cat of Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus.

Contract address: 0x03049b395147713ae53c0617093675b4b86dde78


Our mission is to educate non-profit societies to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to bring more transparency, reduce transaction costs, and remove third parties.


At BobaCat, we are passionate about revolutionizing the crypto industry and making it accessible to everyone. Our team is dedicated to creating a platform that promotes the use of cryptocurrencies in non-profit organizations, and we strongly believe that our efforts can create a positive impact on the world. 


Our Values


At BobaCat, we're all about being open and honest. We believe that sharing clear information about what we do is what brings our crypto community together and makes it strong.


At BobaCat, we're dedicated to ongoing platform enhancements and innovation. We constantly seek new and improved partnerships with global industry leaders, all in our mission to support pet shelters worldwide.


At BobaCat, we proudly refer to our community members as the BobaFam. Every individual is an integral part of our BobaFam, and we believe in empowering each member to actively engage in decision-making. Together, we create a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem where everyone's voice matters.

Meet the Team

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